Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Aftermath

Hope you all had a great one! A few highlights of mine:

This Purse
My first super cute one! I used to buy purses with just a not-ugly criteria, but after spending my days cleaning Melissa's messes/pukes/poops, I thought I deserved a treat.

This Pie
I made it! I made it! I made it! And it was overnight, which sounds so complicated, but it's totally not. Pretty much just fry the bacon, then add it to a mix of eggs/cheeses/milk/hash browns, put it in the refrigerator till the next day (or 2 hours min), then put panko crums over it and bake it. Don't I sound so Betty Crockery?? I'm telling you, it's the magic of Christmas!

Now, a couple low points...

Larger Pants SizeI know, I know, new jeans, yay. But bigger butt :(. I have no idea how this happened (cough-baby-cough-brownies).

Melissa's Pukes

Don't worry, no picture here, ha. But she's been having acid reflux, so that means unexpected episodes whenever something doesn't agree with her tummy (around 6 times on Christmas day).

So this was my holiday in a nutshell, with lots of eating, shopping and a LOT of cleaning. How was yours?


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