Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why I'm a Baking Convert

Notice that I say baking, not cooking - I still don't like cooking much, but just discovered I love baking. Ever since the cupcakes experiment for Melissa's party, I've been looking for more stuff to bake. So here are the benefits I'd found so far:

Perfect Airfreshner
No candle in the world will smell as good as something actually baking. Ok, it does depends on what you're baking, but you can't go wrong with anything chocolate.

Most Rewarding Exercise
Amazingly enough, I think I actually lost a couple of ounces ever since I started this. Turns out there's a lot of standing involved (and running around the grocery store).

This Apron
This would make my pajama-y stay at home outfits SO much more attractive.

Good Housekeeping Validation
Remember when I wanted to sue Good Housekeeping Magazine? I still kinda do, but baking makes me want to do it less. Suddenly the recipe pages don't look so daunting anymore. It's also nice to be able to answer to all the people that wonder what I do of productive besides just chasing/feeding/cleaning/entertaining/comforting a 1 year old - I BAKE!!! :D


Mommyfriend Lori said...

I love baking so much more than cooking like real meals. Baking is happy by virture of what it is, yummy yummy goodness that tastes like love. Mmmm, pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to have you over to bake stuff with me for the longest time! Let's get together and make a chocolate cheesecake! I have a great recipe. :-)


Anonymous said...

I really don't care for baking as much because I don't like to follow directions spot on. Cooking is more my game...a little of this a little of that. But I sure am glad you found your nich in the kitchen. Now I think back to the time I tried to teach you how to cook and I kick myself...I should have bought you a "101 cupcakes" book and call it a day!

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