Friday, May 28, 2010

Stuff Moms Like

This list is inspired by Jonathan Acuff's book, "Stuff Christians Like" - I laughed out loud so much reading it that I decided to create the mommy version:

#1- Comparing Ourselves to Other Mommies
I have plenty of mommy friends, as well as 2 mommy sisters, and they all look like better fit mommies than me. Oh boy, they all look better fit than me period. I'd like to believe they think the same about me, but that's hard to imagine. The point is that, with our tendency to compare, we always end up feeling worse about ourselves, or better than someone. We even compare labor/pregnancy horror stories, as if whoever suffered the most, wins. Welcome to motherhood :).

#2- Buying Baby Stuff
After you have a baby (or as soon as you know you'll have one), buying stuff for her/him becomes instantly more exciting than stuff for yourself. It shows you have great style AND are the best mom ever. I'll go to a store with the sole purpose of getting something I've wanted for a long time, then leave with a bunch of baby clothes, and nothing for me. I feel the same shopping rush I used to get buying earrings and blouses, maybe even higher. Especially if it's pink and/or plays music.

#3- Planning Baby's 1st Birthday Waaaay In Advance
I think that right after we get married (or for the unmarried ones, maybe right after the baby shower), there is a hole in our hearts waiting to be filled with another party. Maybe we get addicted to milestones, and the excitement that comes with it. That's why I already decided that Melissa's (now 7 months old) birthday party will have a theme (probably bee, because that's what her name means in greek). We'll have ice cream cake (because I craved ice cream while pregnant), dress her up in a bee costume and let her eat honey for the first time, because at 1 she finally can. Not that I'd thought about it much, like since the day she was born.

#4- Looking at the Baby While Talking to Others
This is a sin I tried not to commit, without success. I've always hated when I tried talking to a mom and she only had eyes for her kid. I'd ask them a question and they'd answer me in a baby voice, or ignore it completely. I promised myself I would not be that mom. And I try my best, but sometimes I realize someone approached me, talked to me and left, and I didn't even know how they looked like. I'M SORRY whoever it was if you read this. But in my defense, my brain was probably too fried to talk anyway.

#5- Creating Silly Distractions Like This List - Or This Blog
Oh the scapes my mind likes to create to take a break from the baby. And I always end up doing something baby related anyway. Like when I go to the bookstore, and my awesome husband takes her to the kids seccion, and I should be reading some fashion magazine. They all seem so shallow and out of reality now. Sometimes I force myself to grab some, but I just want to slap those women in the pictures or laugh about their self-absorbed lives. But not because I envy them. Mostly because my life is so full now that I wouldn't trade it for the glossiest lifestyle in the world. As much as I do need some gloss.


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