Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Moms Have Fun

When I say "moms", I mean "me", so please don't sue me if you don't like any of these things...

The Bachelor
To remind us what it was like to dream of a family - it makes us more appreciative. Or, even for the single ones, it reminds us that things could always be worse. Instead of a toddler, we could be chasing a man along with 15 other women.

Even though I don't post nearly as much as some people, I love it that it's my window to the outside world. It can get addicting, though. When I realize I'm annoyed that my child won't let me type about how cute she is, I close the computer (or attempt to).

Good Smelling Stuff
I've always had a pet peeve for icky smells, and after Melissa, well, let's say that has tripled. I honestly cannot think of any spot of this apartment where she hasn't puked (sorry, TMI). So after a quick trip to the mall, our place now smells like Bath & Body Works. And I love it so much that I'm actually grateful I had the pukey motive to do it.

Blogs (and Blogging)
Is there something better than reading about other moms going through exactly what you have? It gives us (meaning, me) hope that we'll come out of this alive. Or at least make good material for another post.


Jen Has A Pen said...

I am not a mother yet, but I might as well be! I love all of these things too! :-)

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